If my business is in a Commercial Zoned area, why must I complete a Land Use Review application?

All new Commercial businesses coming into the city of Winter Garden to operate at a commercial business location must complete a Land Use Review application. 

The City Planning & Zoning Department recommends that you complete and process this courtesy Land Use Review application prior to committing your a lease agreement.  

The Land Use Review is a courtesy review by the Building Department, Fire Department and Planning & Zoning Department to insure that the proposed business operation can function and operate in the way that the business owner is proposing on their submitted application.  The various department comments are complied into a written report and sent to the applicant via the email address provided on the application to ensure:

  • The report will state if the business is approved, approved with conditions, approved with conditions that must be met prior to occupancy or denied to operate at the proposed location
  • If there are any conditions of approval - these will be fully disclosed to the applicant ahead of time 
  • If there are any road, water, parking or change of use impact/ true-up fees associated with the location due to the proposed use, these will be fully disclosed ahead of time to the applicant 
  • If the building has any building code issues or fire code issues, these will also be disclosed in the report  

Please note that the Land Use Review approval process can take approximately 5-10 business days for response to applicant of the completed review.  Once this review has been completed, the response email will include details and next steps, etc.  

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