Any person who desires to install a swimming pool or spa shall make an application on forms provided for that purpose. He shall describe the work to be done, location, ownership occupancy and any use of the premises in connection therewith.

One copy of drawings, drawn to scale, and specifications with sufficient clarity and detail to indicate the nature and character of the work, shall accompany each application. All licensed subcontractors also need to be listed in the permit application, including their Company name, State License Number, and a telephone number, along with a power of attorney for the pool contractor to sign for the subcontractors permit.

A. Plot Plans with side grades, dimensioned, and drawn to a scale of not less than 1/8 inches per foot and showing at least the following:

  • Property lines, easements, right-of-way of record and overhead utilities adjacent to pool area and over the property. Existing structures, fences, retaining walls and other relevant characteristics adjacent to pool area. Proposed pool shape, dimensioned and located to show setbacks, side yards and clearance from existing structures adjacent to pool area. Proposed mechanical equipment pad, dimensions and location as to setbacks and side yards. Proposed deck work configuration, showing anticipated drainage.
  • Anticipated overall drainage of pool site.

B. A Structural Plan showing at least the following:

  • Type of construction, whether gunite, shotcrete, poured concrete, prefabricated, or other. Pool dimensions, including depth, length, width and adequate cross sections drawn to scale. Computations, stress diagrams, and other data sufficient to show the correctness of the plans; including the reinforcing steel schedule and detail on drains, skimmer, lights, hand rail, steps, etc. A statement by the applicant concerning the anticipated nature of the soil under and around the pool structure.
  • Interior finish details.

C. A mechanical plan showing at least the following:

  • Volume, system flow rate in gallons per minute, and turnover in hours. Type and size of filtration systems and means of waste disposal. Type and size of pool heater, if included. Pool piping layout with all sizes shown and types of material to be used, and showing the location of the main outlet, surface skimmers, and inlets. Rated capacity of the pool pump in gpm at the design head with the size and type of motor indicated as self- priming or straight centrifugal.
  • If gas heating is used, a separate permit must be pulled for gas installation.

All pools must meet the alarm and/or safety barrier requirements of Chapter 515 of the Florida Statutes.

**All plans submitted shall be on substantial paper and shall show the name and address of the person under whose supervision the plans were prepared. If other than the pool contractor a statement of who is responsible to restore the private property as in resodding, fencing drainage, swales, etc.