Manufactured Home / Office

Three sets of plans that include the following information.

  • Legal survey showing proposed location of building showing required setbacks, accessory buildings or attachments, driveways, elevation and drainage.
  • If located in a park a legal survey is not needed. The lot must be identified and the information is to be shown on the lot drawing.
  • A manufacturer tie down and pier plan.


  • All tie-down rods and straps are inspected. The location of the unit on the site is also looked at. Sewer and water connections are inspected. The electrical meter base and building connection are made at this inspection. Address numbers must be posted at this inspection.
  • Final Inspection is done when all grading and driveways are completed and the structure is ready for occupancy.

Accessory Structures

Accessory carports and patio inspections are made separately and after the tie-down inspection. If a raised patio is used it must have termite treatment and a vapor barrier.

Other Helpful Building Information