Capital Improvements

Please contact Engineering at 407-656-2256 for further information regarding these projects.

Start Date
Completion Date
East Fullers Cross Road and East Crown Point Road Intersection Improvements
The improvements at this intersection will include the addition of dedicated turn lanes, drainage improvements, utility relocation, signing and pavement markings, and new signalization.

Notice: E. Fullers Cross Road will be closed to thru traffic between NW Crown Point Road and E. Crown Point Road Monday 7-20-20 to Friday 7-24-20. Local residents will have access to their properties. Please follow detour signs. 
February 2020September 2020
Western Storage and Pumping Facilities
This project consists of the construction of a remote storage and pumping facility located on a City of Winter Garden land parcel serving the City’s potable water and public access reuse systems. The new facilities include 2-million gallon and 1-million gallon pre-stressed reinforced concrete ground storage tanks, a high service pump station, an electrical room, and chemical storage and feed systems housed in a concrete masonry building. The project also includes 16” potable water and 20” reclaimed water transmission pipelines from the new facility to the intersection of Williams Road and Amber Sweet Lane, and a 16” metered connection with the Water Conserv II reclaimed water distribution system. A new access roadway with asphalt pavement and stormwater systems is to be installed from Williams Road, down Amber Sweet Lane and a 60’ roadway parcel onto the new facility site.
February 2019

August 2020
Dillard Street Reconstruction
South Dillard Street from W. Colonial Drive to Plant Street will be reconstructed and redesigned, replacing underground utilities and creating a more inviting and functional streetscape. Some of the design goals include the following:

  • The comfortable accommodation of all modes of travel (walking, bicycling, motor vehicle)
  • Better support of land uses on both sides of the street and nearby to create a better arrival experience into the City and enhance its image
  • Improved connection among adjacent neighborhoods and downtown
The conceptual project design includes roundabouts at Plant Street, Story Road, and Smith Street, as well as lane removals, reducing the five-lane section to three lanes. The conceptual-level analysis has found these changes to be viable with a negligible effect on roadway operations.

Wastewater Reclamation Facility Capacity Expansion
This project will increase the capacity of City’s wastewater treatment plant and optimize its operations. Statements of qualifications from engineering firms are currently under review.

Marsh Road Widening and Roundabout Improvements
This project will undertake the following improvements on Marsh Road:

  • Widening of the road from 2 lanes to 4 lanes between Johns Lake Overlook Drive to Avalon Road
  • Installation of a new roundabout at the intersection of Marsh Road and Johns Lake Overlook Drive
  • The extension of the existing westbound left-turn lane on Stoneybrook West Parkway approaching Avalon Road
  • Addition of a stormwater pond

The improvements are currently being designed.

  • Traffic switch to occur 11-14-22 at 8 pm

Please proceed with caution through this area.

Last updated June 11, 2020