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A charming little city with a juicy past

Downtown Parking

From April until September of this year, the S. Boyd Street public parking lot will be closed as the City of Winter Garden constructs a free public parking garage. We understand the inconvenience this will cause and are doing everything we can to assist during the four to five month period of lot closure.  

See the map below for free public parking lots available to visitors during garage construction, or click here to view a printable map. Be sure to also look for the green public parking signs throughout the downtown that mark these new, temporary public parking areas.

The City is now running free and convenient hop-on hop-off weekend shuttles to link the parking lots to the downtown and farmers market every Saturday from 9am-5pm. The shuttles will run continuously on the mapped route every Saturday until the parking garage is opened in September of 2016. Look for the golf carts and shuttle stops with the “City of Winter Garden - Downtown Parking Shuttle” signs.

Until the end of May 2016, the City is also providing Free Valet Parking on Fridays and Saturdays starting at 5pm and on Sundays starting at 12pm noon. The valet drop-off/pick-up station is beside the Splash Pad at the southwest corner of the West Plant Street and South Lakeview Avenue intersection.

If you have any questions or issues, please contact Amy Martello at 407-656-4111 x5443 or email And Thank You for your patience and understanding as our wonderful little City grows!  



The new 2-story, 3-level parking garage will be free of charge and house over 520 parking spaces as well as two elevators, four sets of stairs and electric vehicle charging stations. The front of the garage features a 40-foot-wide public plaza for relaxing and micro events...and gives us more great space to expand our award-winning farmers market!

Download our latest information sheet here


Q: When will the garage be finished?
A: Don’t blink! The garage will be finished in September of 2016 – only a few months away.

Q: How is it being built so fast?
A: Onsite construction happens quickly because much of the garage uses precast pieces, meaning the walls, stairs and other large structures were custom made offsite earlier this year. The pieces will be delivered and put in place with large cranes at the exact time they’re needed in the construction sequence.

Q: How many levels will it be?
A: There will be three levels: ground, middle and rooftop. There will be a parapet wall surrounding the roof to shield the view of cars from the street.

Q: Will there be electric vehicle charging stations?
A: Yes, the charging stations that came out of the parking lot will be reinstalled inside the parking garage.

Q: Will parking in the garage cost money?
A: No, the garage parking will be free and open to the public.

Q: Will there be shops or restrooms inside the garage?
A: No, we need every inch for parking. When complete, we’ll have 528 parking spaces conveniently located in the center of downtown.

Q: Are the bricks real?
A: Yes! When the wall panels were formed at the manufacturing facility in Apopka, the bricks were cast directly into the exterior wall surfaces, along with rebar & conduit inside the walls, and steel plates & fasteners on the interior surfaces.

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