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1. If I'm thinking of starting a business within the city of Winter Garden, how do I start?
2. What type of business is allowed in particular district?
3. If my business is in a Commercial Zoned area, why must I complete a Land Use Review application?
4. What is the order of registering my business with the State, County and City?
5. If I'm operating a business from a Winter Garden, FL address must I get a Business Tax Receipt?
6. What happens if I don't register a business with the City of Winter Garden for a city address?
7. Do I have to renew my business tax receipt each year?
8. Do I need to get inspections for my business?
9. What is a Business Tax Receipt?
10. How much does a Business Tax Receipt cost?
11. When will my business tax receipt expire?
12. Do I need just one business tax receipt for my business?
13. If I have a City Business Tax Receipt, do I also need a County Business Tax Receipt?
14. How do I renew my Business Tax Receipt?
15. Who is exempt from paying for a Business Tax Receipt?
16. Are Business Tax Receipts transferable?
17. How long does it take to get a City Business Tax Receipt?