City of Winter Garden, FL

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Public Services Department

Public Services Department

City of Winter Garden
300 West Plant Street
Winter Garden, FL 34787
Phone: 407.656.2256

After Hours Emergency Number




Jon C. Williams
Assistant City Manager – Public Services
Phone: 407.656.4111 Ext. 2263

Richard Fasano
Director of Operations – Public Services
Phone: 407.656.4111 ext. 5449

Mary Taveras
Executive Assistant
Phone: 407.656.4111 ext. 2296

Cemetery Division

Eddie Crabtree
Phone: 407.656.4682

Engineering Division

Jim Monahan, P.E.
City Engineer
407.656.4111 Ext. 5463

Environmental Services Division

Robert Marino
Backflow Prevention Technician
Phone: 407.656.4111 ext. 2015

Solid Waste Division

Alex Arce
Solid Waste Supervisor
Phone: 407.656.4111 ext. 2009

Streets Division

Gary Sapp
Phone: 407.656.4111 ext. 5447

Wastewater Collection & Stormwater Division

Gary Sapp
Phone: 407.656.4111 ext. 5447

Wastewater Treatment Division

Steve Santiago
Wastewater Treatment Plant Manager
Phone: 407.656.4111 ext. 5459

Water & Reclaimed Water Distribution Division

Jeffery Cotton
Phone: 407.656.4111 ext. 5448

Water Treatment Division

Michael Cotton
Phone: 407.656.4111 ext. 2017

Winter Garden’s infrastructure and public services are essential to the quality of life enjoyed by residents and by the City’s business community. Award-winning drinking water, a state-of-the-art sewage treatment plant, and well-maintained streets are just a few examples of the many services provided by this department. Charged not only with maintaining these services but continually enhancing them, Public Services strives to safeguard the health, safety, and general welfare of City residents.

The department’s many responsibilities are organized into the following nine divisions:

Assist families in arranging for the burial of loved ones. Maintenance of cemetery grounds.

Construction and maintenance of the City’s infrastructure and utilities. Permitting and inspection of residential and commercial development. Management of capital improvement projects.
Capital Improvement Projects (CIP)

• Environmental Services
Backflow prevention and the coordination of the City's water conservation and recycling programs.

Solid Waste
Collection of residents’ garbage, including yard waste and recycling.

Maintenance of roadways and sidewalks, as well as traffic signs, traffic lights, and streetlights. Maintenance of the appearance and cleanliness of the City’s landscaping in public areas.

• Wastewater Collection and Stormwater
Maintenance of the City’s systems for wastewater collection and stormwater drainage.

• Wastewater Treatment
Treat sewage to ensure its safe disposal. Produce reclaimed water for irrigation.

• Water and Reclaimed Water Distribution
Provide residents with reliable potable water service and reclaimed water service for irrigation.

• Water Treatment
Ensure the quality and safety of residents’ drinking water.