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A charming little city with a juicy past

Building Division - Community Development Department

Building Division of the
Community Development Department

Winter Garden City Hall
300 West Plant Street
Winter Garden, FL 34787

Hours: Monday-Friday, 8:00am-5:00pm

Phone: 407.877.5136 - 407.656.4111
Fax: 407.656.0839


Skip Nemecek
Building Official
407.656.4111 Ext. 5420

Jeff Sandy
Senior Plans Examiner
407.656.4111 Ext. 5153

Jimmy Appoloney
Senior Plans Examiner
407.656.4111 ext. 2253

Martha (Bren) Allen
Customer Service Representative
Phone: 407.656.4111 ext. 2304

Erin Chong
Customer Service Representative
Phone: 407.656.4111 ext. 4407

Ronisha Martin
Customer Service Representative
Phone: 407.656.4111 ext. 5413

Building Inspectors

Kevin Morgan
Building Inspector III
407.656.4111 ext. 5462

Gary Rusu
Building Inspector II
407.656.4111 ext. 5468

Becky Johnson
Building Inspector
407.656.4111 ext. 4095

Thomas Knappman
Building Inspector\Code Compliance
407.656.4111 ext. 4001

General Information

Outdoor Sales & Special Events
The City Commission adopted Ordinance 09-25 on September 21, 2009. The Ordinance adopted new rules and a process pertaining to permit requests for temporary vending, outdoor sales, and related uses within the City of Winter Garden. Standards covered in the ordinance apply to:

  • Open-air vendors
  • Food vendors
  • Seasonal vendors
  • Outdoor special events
  • Solicitors
If applications meet approved criteria, requests may now be approved administratively. Temporary uses not meeting the criteria may be appealed to the City Commission.

Questions? Please call 407.877.5136

All building projects exceeding a $100 construction value require a building permit. This includes:

  • New construction
  • Renovations
  • Remodel
  • Major repairs
  • Demolition
  • Equipment installation

If you are unsure if you need a permit, contact the building department. Failure to obtain the proper permit prior to project commencement will be subject to code enforcement action and charged up to three times the regular permit fee.

  • Permit fees, in general, are based on the cost of the project.
  • The base fee is $30 for any project up to $1000.
  • All permit applications must include a Lien Law Requirement Form (see forms site).
  • Projects exceeding $2500 must include a Filed and Certified Notice of Commencement with the application.
  • Applicant may be asked to show a copy of the signed proposal or contract.
  • All subcontractors must be listed on the application. They will be permitted with the primary contractor and given the same permit number. This includes pools and mechanical permits when an electrician is needed.
  • A Power of Attorney form will be needed from each of the licensed subcontractors listed on the permit application, i.e. electrician, plumber, etc.