City of Winter Garden, FL

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A charming little city with a juicy past

Bids & Contracts

City of Winter Garden
300 West Plant Street
Winter Garden, FL 34787
Phone: 407.656.4111


Jon C. Williams
Assistant City Manager – Public Services
Phone: 407.656.4111 Ext. 2263

Arthur R. Miller, III, P.E., P.L.S.
City Engineering Consultant
Phone: 407.656.4111 Ext. 2261

City of Winter Garden Purchasing Manual


The City of Winter Garden procurement process is managed by the Finance Department. They are responsible, along with Public Services and the Capital Improvement Project Administrator, in the handling of all bids, contracts and services related to construction or services provided to the city.

Click here for information on AS15-13012, Downtown Parking Garage.

City Commission Official "Notice of Agenda" will contain information on all "Notices to Recommend Awards"
Number Project/Service
PN 16-020 9th Street Gravity Sewer, Force Main, and Water Main Improvements
  Next mtg/deadline: Bid opening, July 11, 2018, at 2:00 pm.
PN 15-012 Reuse Retrofit Phase 3 (Reserve at Black Lake, Harbor Crest, Lexington, and Rock Creek Subdivisions)
  Next mtg/deadline: Bid Opening, June 20, 2018, at 2 pm.
RFQ 18-001 Continuing Services Contracts for Professional Surveying Services
  Next mtg/deadline: Written inquiries are due no later than May 29.
PN 15-009 Western Storage and Pumping Facilities
  Next meeting/deadline: None Scheduled.
RFQ 13-011 Dillard Street Reconstruction
  Next mtg/deadline: None Scheduled.
CR 18-001 Mail and Fulfillment Services
  Next mtg/deadline: None scheduled.
PN 13-017 Stoneybrook West Parkway / Roberson Road / Windermere Road Roundabout Improvements
  Next mtg/deadline: City Commission Meeting, April 12, 2018.
PN 16-015 Lift Station 41 Upgrades
  Next mtg/deadline: None Scheduled.
RFP 17-001 Sale and Redevelopment of City-owned Property at 270 W. Plant Street
  Next mtg/deadline: None Scheduled.
PN 16-024 Hennis Road/Plant Street Traffic Signal
  Next mtg/deadline: None Scheduled.
PN 17-027 Stormwater Capture and Reuse Project
  Next mtg/deadline: None Scheduled.
PN 15-007 Stoneybrook West Parkway Resurfacing Project - Phase I
  Next mtg/deadline: None Scheduled.
PN 16-011 Crest Avenue WWTP Filter Improvements
  Next mtg/deadline: None Scheduled.
PN 15-028 County Road 535 Widening
  The next mtg./deadline announcement: None Scheduled.
RFQ 17-001 Continuing Services Contract for Professional Engineering Services
  The next meeting/deadline: None Scheduled.
ITB 16-013 Cross-Connection Inspection and Backflow Installation
  Next mtg./deadline: None Scheduled.
RFQ 16-003 Radio-Read Water Meter Replacement Project

Next mtg/deadline: None Scheduled.

RFQ 16-002 Engineering & Construction Management Services for the Stormwater Capture, Reuse, & Aquifer Recharge Project
  Next mtg./deadline: None Scheduled.
RFP 15-103 Sale and Redevelopment of City-owned Property at 109 South Boyd Street
  Next mtg./deadline: None Scheduled.
PN 14-015 Reclaimed Water Booster Pump Station at Avalon Road
  The next mtg/deadline: None Scheduled.
14-001 CDBG Housing Rehabilitation Program
  The next meeting/deadline: None Scheduled.